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Evaluation Basics
The basics of evaluation including evaluation types, components, and language.

Logic Models
Information on logic models and how to build them.

Evaluation Design
Essentials of designing an evaluation, including how to choose what questions to explore and how to involve stakeholders.

Information about how to effectively involve stakeholders in your evaluation.

Data Collection
Tips for choosing a data collection method and using that method are included here.

Data Entry and Analysis
An overview of data entry and analysis practices.

Reporting and Using Results
How to effectively report your data and use your data to benefit your work.

Evidence-Based Programs
Definitions and guidelines for describing and determining if a program is evidence-based.

Tips for ethical evaluation including federal and legal ethical guidelines.

Broad Evaluation
Larger resources that include information about multiple aspects of evaluation.

Prevention Resources
Tip sheets, guides and other resources specific to evaluating prevention programs.

Recorded Webinars
A place to view previously recorded webinars created by Wilder Research specifically for the ATOD prevention project evaluation. Please note that this page/feature is currently in a beta (development) stage.

ATOD Current Project-Specific Tools
Data collection tools, protocols, databases, and guides created by Wilder Research specifically for the current ATOD prevention project evaluation.

SPF SIG Project-Specific Tools
Data collection tools, protocols, databases, and guides created specifically for the current SPF SIG prevention project assessment and evaluation.