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Listen to recorded webinars that put evaluation training at your fingertips. Some topics include: Designing a strong evaluation, developing evaluation questions, mapping data, interpreting data, looking at data over time, reporting results, visually presenting results, and conducting effective webinars.

Process Evaluation

Wilder Research, April 2016 — This webinar describes what a process evaluation is, the benefits of a process evaluation, and how to use a process evaluation to measure how well your program matches best practices (fidelity), reaches enough people enough times (dosage), and uses effective processes to make implementation happen (functioning).

Data Visualization: What’s your point? What’s your story?

Wilder Research, June 2015 — This webinar demonstrates how to deliver data visually to help you effectively tell your story in an easily consumable way. It guides you through key questions in choosing how to present data, demonstrate best practices for creating graphics and infographics, highlight ideas for sharing graphics through social media, and recommend useful resources.

Selecting and Prioritizing Outcomes

Wilder Research, February 2015 — A webinar on selecting and prioritizing outcomes to assist in planning for sustainability.

Evaluation Questions

Wilder Research, June 2014 — An introduction to developing and selecting evaluation questions.

Evaluation Design

Wilder Research, March 2014 — This webinar gives an overview of different evaluation models and their benefits and challenges. Considerations for each model are walked through to help you make a thoughtful evaluation plan.


Wilder Research, October 2013 — A tutorial on the basics of using google earth to make and explore personalized maps. Make a map of your community using your own set of addresses.

Reporting Results

Wilder Research, June 2012 — Presentation on reporting evaluation results accurately and in a compelling and concise way.

EvaluATOD Introduction

Wilder Research, November 2011 — Introduction to the evaluATOD website.

Effectively Partnering with Law Enforcement

Wilder Research, April 2011 — Ways to partner more effectively with law enforcement to gather data and inform policy changes and other environmental strategies.

Interpreting Existing Data

Wilder Research, February 2011 — Interpreting existing data, including Minnesota Student Survey data and trend data collected from other sources.

Effective Visual Presentation of Data

Wilder Research, January 2011 — Techniques and recommendations for effective and compelling visualization of data.

New Trends in Substance Use

Wilder Research, December 2010 — Using data to identify new trends in substance use.

Survey Design

Wilder Research, September 2010 — Information about how to design effective surveys.

Excel Tutorial

Wilder Research, June 2010 — Hands-on tutorial of basic Excel functions and formulas.

Youth Group Facilitation

Wilder Research, January 2010 — Tips and tricks for facilitating youth groups.

Tips for Conducting Effective Webinars

Wilder Research, 2010 — Things to consider when planning and executing webinars for training, presentations, and meetings.