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Evaluation Background:


Racial equity tools for evaluation

Center for Assessment and Policy Development, MP Associates, and World Trust Educational Services, 2016 — Website designed to help groups assess, learn from, and document their racial equity work, with special attention to issues of power and privilege in the work, and in evaluation

Evaluation ethics

Wilder Research, 2009 — Presents privacy and ethical considerations to protect the rights and dignity of those who participate in evaluations

Obtaining informed consent

Wilder Research, 2009 — Defines informed consent and introduces different types of consent. Samples of student, passive parent, and active parental consent forms are provided.

Ethical issues: Tips for conducting program evaluation

Wilder Research, 2007 — Strategies to protect the rights and dignity of evaluation participants.

Online evaluation toolkit

University of Wisconsin-Extension Service, No Date — Website that provides numerous links to fact sheets and guides on all aspects of evaluation developed by the University of Wisconsin-Extension Service plus some outside resources.

The importance of culture in evaluation: A practical guide for evaluators

The Colorado Trust, No Date — Provides examples of where cross-cultural competency is critical in evaluation. While not a comprehensive resource, it provides a good start in recommending questions and strategies that an evaluator should consider when practicing this form of competency.